Hanks Anuku defends prophet Chukwuemeka “dey your dey, while he dey his dey”

Nollywood actor Hanks Anuku

Prophet Chukwuemeka who makes money rain as a way of ministering in his church or anywhere he preaches as a guest speaker, has collided with his friends (among them Nollywood actor, Hanks Anuku) to make a video asking people ‘ to dey their dey, while dey dey their dey‘ too. Hanks even asked Nigerians to leave his prophet.

Recently, the Prophet became the talk of the town on the internet when about 80 Nigerians were deported from Indonesia shortly after his ministration.

Find the story here. The Indonesian government wanted to know where Nigerians that made money rain during his ministration got the money from and if they actually eligible to stay in Indonesia, and that was how their own problems started.
Long story short, Prophet Chukwuemeka wants you to ‘dey your dey, while he dey his dey’. Una don meet your match se! Lol

Watch the video below: