Halima Abubakar drops baby bump video after being called out for stealing American mother’s baby photo


Nigerian actress Halima Abubakar has finally dropped a video of her huge baby bump after she’s been called out for stealing American mother’s baby photo.

Over the nine months period of pregnancy, Halima Abubakar only announced it. The rest was to keep the pregnancy private with no one knowing how it looks like.

But a few days ago, Halima Abubakar announced she had given birth to a baby boy with a photo of their clutched hands.

Colleagues, fans and loved ones widely celebrated her with various congratulatory messages.

Apparently, the actress has been accused of stealing an American mother’s baby to announce her delivery.

According to reports, Halima used an American mother’s baby photo to break the news of her childbirth and the owner has reached back to let her take it down.

Following that, Halima Abubakar has shared a baby bump video.

Watch the video below;