Hailey Bieber reveals having a genetic disorder, tells fans to ‘stop roasting her’

Hailey Rhode Bieber

Hailey revealed to her 24.5 million followers that the reason for her crooked fingers is a congenital disorder known as ectrodactyly.

“OK let’s get into the pinky conversation… because I’ve made fun of myself about this for forever so I might as well just tell everyone else why they’re so crooked and scary,” she wrote on her story.

Next, Hailey shared a capture of the Wikipedia page for ectrodactyly, saying, ‘it causes my pinky finger to look the way they do.

“It’s genetic, I’ve had it my whole life,” she continued.

In the end, as a final word of caution, the model said, “So in conclusion please stop roasting me about my pinky fingers.”