Hacker takes over Oluwadolarz Instagram page, attempts to dupe followers


Comedian Oluwadolarz whose birth name is Ogunleye Olamide is rated among the top content creators in the comedy niche on social media. His works are prominent as they feature his siblings, Tope, Ayo, his friends and his mother.

Recently, he featured Don’t Jazzy in one of his skits alongside Tope and it quickly went viral. Oluwadolarz who has collaborated with various social media sensations and celebrities presently has a huge Instagram following of 1.4million followers.

About five hours ago, his official Instagram page was hacked by an unknown person and has began to send suspicious messages to the former’s followers which shows clearly that they are not from Oluwadolarz.

In one of the recent post made by the hacker, he posts a picture of Tope and Donjazzy with the caption below:

“Can you challenge @intelligenttope ? Oh yea you can answer his questions ? ….ok then you can win 100 thousand naira for just answering his question… all you need to do is follow @challengetope it will cost 500 naira (send 500 naira to this account ******** first bank Olamide Ogunleye) send a screenshot of your transfer successful to @oluwadolarz ‘s dm … we will accept your follow request… we will be posting the question on the page on Wednesday (22nd of January 2020) first person to get the answer right wins 100k ..second person to get the answer correctly wins 50k and third wins 30k.”

This sudden request for money has raised serious suspicion as Oluwadolarz’ followers in the comment section also affirms that the post is a red flag which may not have been made by the real owner.