Gym staff call the cops on sports star they thought was trying to rob the place but he was actually looking to buy it


Seattle Seahawks star and Superbowl winner, Kam Chancellor, 27, was visiting Redmond Athletic Club, Washington, as he looked to expand his fitness boot camp business. He said he was peering in at the windows to see if anyone was in the gym as it was closed, staff spotted him and called the police. Cops arrived and quickly realised it was all a misunderstanding.
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‘Two female employees were inside the closed facility alone and reported that five adults were outside their facility, some were pounding on the door and looking in the windows with cameras, as if they were trying to gain entry,’ a police spokesman said.

‘The employees reported they weren’t exactly sure what was going on, but the individuals did not appear to be leaving, even though the gym was closed for business.
‘Redmond officers responded and made contact with five adults, who expressed they had an interest in purchasing the gym and were trying to make contact with someone inside the facility. Our interactions with the group were very positive, the group left the area without incident and no police report was filed.’

Just another case of racial stereotyping.


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