GUYS!! See The main reason Why Your Wife Is Hiding Her Money From You


While this has become a major factor undermining the progress of the home front, many have argued that some women today have their reasons for resenting wholesome financial contributions to family.

The question then is, what would make a wife conceal so much from her husband especially when it comes to financial contributions to family affairs? Take this: A woman has, for example, N100,000 and all the husband has is N50,000 and sorts out a N40,000 family responsibility. Then another responsibility of N10,000 arises.

The woman would keep her money in tact and would want the husband to also fund the N10,000 responsibility and go empty handed. These things happen in our homes all the time. Why are women this way? Is it an act of wickedness, selfishness or greediness?

According to those who spoke to Saturday Vanguard on the matter, some women feel reluctant to ask their husbands for money for all the things they want for themselves. They, therefore keep their money and use it for their own needs. To these, it is simply the man’s place to provide for the family. They hardly part with their money for any family matter that does not concern them. Other women also, are said to resent their husbands’ assumed right to decide how much they should be spending on anything.

The reasons range from behavioral attitudes to social factors and even fears of the unknown.

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