GUYS!! See The main reason Why Your Wife Is Hiding Her Money From You

Woman tucking money into her bra for safe keeping

One of the jokes that went round in the social media last week could pass off as humour at the expense of the womenfolk. It says “Gentlemen, if you have N5,000 in the house and your wife has N55,000, the total amount of money in that house is N5,000. Are we together?” Of course, the men are together on this.

They believe the women will never disclose the actual amount of money they have to their husbands. But can we say women are also together on this issue? Interestingly, many women are in agreement with the men. The wife believes the husband is the head of the family and it is his responsibility to provide everything that will be needed in the house.

After all when she married him, she dropped her maiden name and adopted his name while all their children bear his name, he should therefore be ready to shoulder all the burden. There may be few exceptions but most housewives don’t like their husbands to know how much money they have.

Although, it is believed that about 50 per cent of all the spouses hide money from each other, women indeed, are accused of being the greatest culprits in this regard. In fact, one in every five Nigerian women is said to be guilty of keeping many secrets when it comes to the issue of money.

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