Guinness World Record: Mixed reactions trail attempts by Nigerians to break records

In recent times, many Nigerians who are seeking for fame and recognition have engaged in unusual challenges in order to write their names in the prestigious Guinness World Records.

Ever since Chef Hinda Baci from Akwa Ibom State successfully broke the world record, several attempts have been made by some persons to break her record.

The first was Damilola Adeparusi, (Chef Dammy) who did not seek Guinness World Record, GWR, permission before starting her competition.

Dammy claimed that she cooked for 120 hours but this could not be verified as there were times she switched off live video during the contest.

With the aim of surpassing Baci’s 93 hours and 11 minutes record, another lady from Ondo State, Chef Deo, revealed that she had informed GWR of her intention and received the green light before commencing the cook-a-thon.

Deo on Friday completed the challenge of cooking for 150 hours.

However, another plan by some persons in Ekiti to start Kiss-a-thon has equally failed as the state govt announced a ban on the activity.

The Ekiti state government on Wednesday sent stringent warning to a group planning to host the 3-day Kiss-a-thon in the State.

A statement by the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism, in the State said the planned event is not only absurd, unhealthy, immoral but capable of denigrating the image of the State.

Report also has it that some persons are also planning to embark on a nationwide trekking within a time limit to set a new Guinness World Record.

Another Lady has also announced on Instagram that she will be embarking on a contest to be on a live video for 125 hours.

The lady identified as Big_treshlyn intends to set a record for the longest instagram live video.

According to her, she will be cooking, matchmaking, and playing games during the video.

She has currently been on the live video for over 24 hours.

Similarly, an Ibadan based lady, Bojuri is currently competing to set a record for the longest braiding hours. Bojuri said she will set a record for the fastest hairstylist that finished 50 Ghana weaving in 72 hours.

Bojuri has so far completed over 24 hours.

However, these endeavours have raised reactions among the public.

One of the eye-catching events is the Kiss-a-thon, where participants planned to break the record for the longest continuous kiss.

Amid numerous attempts by Nigerians to break a Guinness World Record like Hilda Baci, Guinness World Records last week reminded anyone attempting to break a world record to have their title confirmed by the organisation before attempting.

Also, a Nigerian masseur, Joyce Ijeoma, collapsed on Wednesday during a 72-hour longest massage on different individuals in Lekki, Lagos State.

Other Nigerians have also announced their plan to break different records.

Comedian Woli Arole had shared his plan to initiate 5000-hour marathon prayers, in a bid to break the record for the longest praying time.

Adebiyi Israel, a native of Ekiti State, who shared a screenshot of the acceptance email from the GWR, revealed plans to break the world record for the longest hours spent watching movies.

Speaking on the recent development, Abraham Okpe, a Lagos-based social analyst, said Nigerians may end up rubbishing the record created by others in the past.

”Guinness may see the entire contest from Nigeria as a fraud. Nigerians are behaving like there is a cash reward attached to these records.

“There are a lot of productive things to do with your time other than seeking relevance online. People like Chef Dammy collected donations without applying to break the record, that is deceit.”

Here are some comments on social media:

@frankdonga: ”By the time Nigerians are done with Guiness world record, the country would have broken the record for the most attempts at breaking world records in a year.”

@therealdaddymo1: ”These poorly executed Guiness world record attempts show how many Nigerians really do no’t understand the level of preparation, dedication and hard work that happen behind the scenes to actually pull it off. It’s not by copy and paste. There is a process. It just doesn’t happen.”

@Ariel_Smitt: ”This obsession about breaking Guinness World records by Nigerians is becoming disgusting fr. We honestly don’t know when to stop. Everyone wants to break records. Until someone dies from this madness, you people won’t learn.”

@Toweebee: “On the other hand, I’m starting to see the positives in Nigerian youths’ obsession with the WBR. It sends out a global message about Nigerians as a group of hardworking, resilient and determined people that’ll achieve the highest standards if given the right platform.”

@Martinobanti: “The Federal Government of Nigeria should criminalise anyone trying to break any Guinness world record until 2025. The madness should attract a minimum of 2 months imprisonment.”

@Kontrolla19: ”Guinness world records is the new pandemic for Nigerians. Girl wey wan set Guinness record for longest massaging hours 72 don faint after 12hrs.”

@LadyBaron: ”Dear Nigerians, Guinness world record is not the new ticket out of poverty. Things are hard but don’t die because of GWR. These things takes preparation.”

@_LifeOfViktor: ”My problem with Nigerians is that they believe that they can do anything with their “can-do attitude” . They don’t know the effort, training and preparation someone did to become a record holder. They thought it’s just to wake up and say let’s break Guinness world record.”

@IamJohnkelvin: ”Dear Nigerians, Let the Guinness World Record breathe. Don’t suffocate them.”

@DayoAshiru: ”I’m sure, the Guinness World Record will be tired of Nigerians. You want to massage for 72hrs and you collapsed after 12hrs, who will now massage you?”

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