Group clamours for next speaker to emerge from the South-East

Adams Oshiomole

The South-East Concerned Youths has called on Adams Oshiomole the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomhole, to allow the South-East to produce the Speaker of the Ninth House of Representatives.

In a mutually signed statement on Wednesday by Chinedu Ogubuike, National Coordinator, Ike Eze, National Secretary and Chukwudi Elejonu Imo State Coordinator, among others, “there was an urgent need to review the zoning formula for the leadership position of the National Assembly”.

According to the group, “While acknowledging that it is the democratic right of all those who have voiced their ambition to occupy these offices to do so, as well as the earlier stand of the APC on the issue, we are of the opinion that in times like this, we should be courageous enough to place national interest above and beyond sectional, partisan, group or personal interests.

“We have often slaughtered this national value on the altar of ethno religious, sectional and other parochial sentiments.

“But, this should not be so because national interest presupposes the natural principles of equity, fairness and justice without which no society, no matter how naturally and materially endowed, can make progress.

“For us to get it right, there is the urgent need for every part of this country to be given a sense of belonging and carried along in the scheme of things to achieve that delicate balance and equilibrium which is the hallmark of every egalitarian society.”

The group urged President Muhammadu Buhari to prevail on the APC leadership to consider the South-East for the position.

It added, “As Nigeria embraces another four-year tenure of the APC Federal Government, we are of the opinion that the party should take steps to accommodate every part of the country.

“To this end, we are calling on the party to allow the South-East to produce the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Ninth Assembly.

“With the President from the North-West, Vice President from the South-West, Senate President most likely going to the North-East, Deputy Senate President zoned to South-South, we feel it is only very fair, just and equitable to allow South-East to produce the Speaker and the North-Central, Deputy Speaker.

“Like we have argued at different fora, conceding the position to the zone will not only be for the good of the South-East, but also for the good of the country and ruling party.”