“Greedy heart” – Nuella Njubigbo writes after ex, Tchidi Chikere leaks their private chats to prove she’s happy about his 3rd marriage

Nollywood actress, Nuella Njubigbo has shared a cryptic post following her ex-husband, Tchidi Chikere’s new marriage.

Hours ago the filmmaker leaked their chat, and Nuella Njubigbo took to her Instagram page to share a cryptic post.

The movie star wrote, “Greedy Hearts”.

Though not explaining further in the post, many assumed that she is taking a swipe at her ex-husband and father of her daughter.

Tontrends earlier reported that Tchidi Chikere has become the cynosure of all eyes since the news of his third marriage broke out.

The movie producer shared screenshots of his private chat with his second ex-wife, Nuella Njubigbo, to show that he is cordial with his exes.

In the chat, Nuella had reached out to him over their daughter’s health. She stated that she and their daughter had visited the hospital, run some checks and tests, and were given oral meds and antibiotics.

Replying to her, Tchidi Chikere had expressed relief that his daughter’s health was better and had promised to pay the hospital bills.

In another chat, Tchidi had stated that he had a laptop-tablet delivery for their daughter and had asked her to send their entrance code so the driver can deliver it to her.

Tchidi stated that he shared the chats to prove that he maintains a cordial relationship with his ex-wife amid their messy divorce.

“I guess to some Nigerian women and some men. A breakup means enmity. For me…it is not so. Life ain’t that hard”.

He added that he only spoke about the state of his past relationships and remarriage so his friends and fans can know of it.

For now, he is concentrating on his wife.

“So I’m done talking about my remarriage and the state of my last relationships. Just wanted to let my friends and fans know. Blessings! Ciao. Let me go n face, my wife”.

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