Grace to Grace; Nollywood Zubby Michael’s inspiring story


35-year-old Nollywood actor Zubby Michael has grown to become one of the most demanded male cast in the movie industry.

But the actor did not always have it easy in life, Zubby Michael had a humble beginning and worked his way to the top thereby achieving success.

Though being and origin of the Igbo tribe with his full name as Zubby Michael Egwu, his parents were based in the northern part of Nigeria, Adamawa State, Yola.

Finding his passion at a very young age of 8, the gifted actor was already casting roles in his primary school’s drama club.

When he was of age do get admitted into the higher institution, Zubby Michael decided to come home and school in his father’s land Awka, Anambra State where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications from Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

After series of trials in Nollywood, in 2006 Zubby Michael got a breakthrough to cast in the Movie “Three Widows” where he was partnered with the now successful actress Oge Okoye.

The actor went on to star in successful movies like “Royal Storm” and “The General”, both movies which rose the actor to fame and since then it has been nothing but a successful carry for Zubby Michael in Nigeria’s Movie Industry “Nollywood”.

The actor now has an estimated networth of over 200 million naira, in deed it was a Grass to Grace transformation for the Adamawa born actor.