Governor Obaseki goes spiritual after Tinubu, Buhari’s snub


Things are happening rapidly in Edo State as we fast approach the final date for the governorship polls.

This week saw major significant events in the APC which happens to be the ruling party in the State.

Eight Gubernatorial aspirants in the All Progressive Congress, APC came to an agreement and adopted Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu as the consensus candidate of the party to face Godwin Obaseki for the party primaries.

The battle for the control of the soul of the APC started a long while ago,Obaseki continued to fan the embers of disunity hoping to cash in on it to his favour.

Now the progenitor of the crisis seems to have reached a dead-end and desperately seeks help to his ordeal.

Obaseki on assumption of office for reasons best known to him decided to alienate his party members and keep them at arm’s length.

The restive party members started the usual political protest and complained to the National Chairman of APC, Adams Oshiomhole who they claim foisted Obaseki on them with the promise that he was going to be a better Governor than he was.

Adams with his ears filled of complaints decided to broker a truce between the party members and Godwin Obaseki.

Oshiomhole never came out of the truce meeting the same,his efforts boomeranged and he was tagged the Oga Kpatakpata of the party members that Obaseki claims are worthless.

Oshiomhole probably with his tails between his legs retreated to his political shell.

With no choice than to look and watch,Adams Oshiomhole tried as much as possible to carry every party member along pending the day of RECKONING.

With many hurdles to cross including an orchestrated coup by Obaseki, Adams Oshiomhole finally came out victorious and fate has now entrusted Obaseki’s destiny in the APC at his hands.

Obaseki who seems to have placed his bet on the ouster of Oshiomhole is presently stuck in the middle.

The APC as led by the Adams Oshiomhole’s leadership has adopted a direct primary which would involve all these aggrieved APC members to vote for their preferred candidate.

To make sure there are no chances of failure the PARTY decided to endorse a consensus candidate to confront Obaseki in the forthcoming primary.

Buoyed by the reality of facing a defeat Obaseki renewed efforts in appeasing the leaders of APC, Obaseki whose media aides never spared these same leaders with insults daily had no choice than to seek ways to ameliorate the damage done.

A hurried trip to see Asiwaju Bola Tinubu was orchestrated by his close confidants. Tinubu was a victim of Obaseki’s needless attacks.

With the support of Tinubu, it is perceived the Adams Oshiomhole’s led national executive would have a rethink and jettison the direct primary for an indirect primary as agitated by Obaseki.

Tinubu allegedly snubbed Obaseki.

With glaring failure lurking around Obaseki quickly made a trip to Abuja to seek Buhari’s audience.

Obaseki who is still holed up in Abuja unable to see the President has directed his aides to seek God’s face in his reelection battle.

The Governor it was alleged is currently seeking spiritual help to his plight.

An aide who spoke to our correspondent and pleaded anonymity claims they have decided to seek Gods face to solve their plight.

“My brother the case don hook Agbada oh, Oga is at a loss on what to do,when he tried to convey a meeting with the Governors forum it was unsuccessful , Tinubu snubbed His Excellency and till now we are still stuck in Abuja unable to see Baba,as we speak Oga has placed the battle in the hands of God.

And we trust that the Almighty God whom we serve would extricate us from this deep turmoil we have found ourselves,with God all things are possible.”‘

Obaseki’s next move would be determined by the feedback he gets from the presidency.

Obaseki actually shot himself in the foot when he humbled himself and picked up the party’s nomination form from the National Headquarters of the party.

With that singular act alone Obaseki has consented to abide by the terms and conditions as spelt out by the electoral committee.

Although Obaseki acted semi-smart by picking the form with a proxy,and can later deny picking the form should in case he has to jettison the APC for another party.

The present situation on ground in Edo State is Obaseki VS APC, who blinks first?