Governor Obaseki drags by media over COS appointment, AB Raham tells


Embattled governor, dragged by media users over recent chief of staff appointment for failing to balance the political equilibrium of appointments across the three senatorial districts of the state.

Those calling out an embattled Godwin Obaseki, in a developing trend, find it quite amusing the double standard displayed by picking a chief of staff from Edo south, without consideration for an Edo central (Esan) person, to take over the vacant office left by the resignation of double chief Taiwo Akerele, yesterday, based on his principles, which were no doubt being trampled upon, by continious stay in an Obaseki government fast weaning the charm it once used in endearing the trust and support of the Edo people.

Trouble actually started for an embattled Godwin Obaseki, when news came to lime light, that the deputy chief of staff, who ought to be best suitable to have taken over from chief Taiwo Akerele, is from Edo central (Esan), who has now been by passed by Obaseki to pick the son of a political ally, in what could be described as a compensation appointment for the loyalty of Sen. Ehigie Uzamere, who has become a political man Friday to the embattled governor in recent times.

Those marvelled, by Obaseki’s decision to boycott the Esan’s while picking his new chief of staff, have urged the people of Esan extraction in Edo, to see this as an eye opener, which should help them in re-thinking their stand for Obaseki, all because of a promised 2024 Esan agenda, as he who cannot be faithful in little, can never be faithful in much.

The vacancy left by Double chief Taiwo Akerele, could be described as litmus test for the bond an embattled Godwin Obaseki is believed to be building with the Esans. However, with the manner in which he has flopped and failed the test, one then begins to ask, what then is the Obaseki’s concept of Esan agenda?