Governor Obaseki begins distribution of fake membership cards to civil servants ahead of APC primaries

Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki

Information reaching us at Tontrends now has it in good authority that the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki has started the process of distributing APC party cards to all civil servants in the State.

The process is been coordinated by the Office of the Chief Of Staff in close collaboration with the Head of the State Civil Service.

According to our sources, the plan is to have each civil servant on the side of Obaseki issued with the counterfeit APC membership card.

The Obaseki’s campaign organization earlier synchronized available data of INEC registered voters in the State with that of the Civil Servants.

Our whistle-blower narrated how the process is meant to be accomplished.

Obaseki who already has their data started reaching out to them since the past three weeks.

Officials from the State House would put across a call to each civil servant and tell them to come over and regularize their data with them in the process they would find out their allegiance.

If they are favourable to Obaseki’s second term reelection they would immediately be issued with a membership card and some financial inducement.

Obaseki plans to hold an indirect primary as against the direct primary directive by the Party’s NWC.

With the above information whether Obaseki would opt for a direct primary still remains hazy as it is confirmed that the membership cards issued to the civil servants by the Obaseki campaign organization are a complete counterfeit.

This is a developing story…