Good men still exist but your eye lashes are too long to see them, Tunde Ednut tells Ladies


“Good men no more exist”, this is a popular notion held by a lot of ladies. Most of them are of the view that you can’t find a good man who’ll be loyal, committed, and down to earth.

At the back of this, most ladies even enter relationships full of distrust and uncertainty about their partners.

This even makes it that when some ladies get the good guys, they treat them wrong because of the “good men no more exist” and “all guys are the same” mentality that has sunk deep into their hearts.

Well, Nigerian social media influencer Tunde Ednut has hilariously revealed the reason why most ladies are not seeing good men even though bunch of them are in existence.

Taking to his Instagram handle, Tunde said most ladies have eyelashes that are too long to see the good men around them.