Good husband won’t ask me to quit acting — Genny Uzoma




I was born into a middle class Christian family of six.


For my elementary education, I attended Command Children School, Abakpa Enugu; and Holy Rosary College, Enugu, for my secondary education. I went on to study Political Science at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology.


I actually started my acting career when I was 18 years old. But, I later got a job with a telecommunications company and went on a six-year hiatus from the industry, before returning in 2014. I wasn’t accepted back with open arms because new actors had sprung up and I literally went back to square one. It seemed everybody wanted to act. It was a real struggle. Back then, it seemed like no one wanted to help– even fellow actors didn’t want one to get roles. The truth is that no one really wants one to do better than them. But slowly, I started getting back on my feet, attending auditions and partaking in other activities. Thankfully, things are much better now.


My first time on set was when I acted alongside Patience Ozokwor and Bob-Manuel Udokwu in a movie titled, Mother-in-Law. I had a lot of fun working with them though I really wanted to do more.

I have always been fascinated by literature and the arts. When I was in secondary school, I participated in plays such as The Incorruptible Judge. I also read a lot of Shakespeare’s works and spent a lot of time in the library. I just knew I wanted to become an actor and I decided to pursue my passion.


I wouldn’t refer to the experiences I had in the early days of my career as challenges because I was excited sharing the screen with veterans I had watched on television. Though I was underpaid, I didn’t exactly mind. I just wanted lots of opportunities to showcase my talent.


Fame has not stopped me from doing whatever I want to do. I still do whatever I want and go to wherever I want. I just put on my dark glasses and smile if people recognise me. I am still the same old me; nothing has changed.


I take advice from different figures in my life. My family and friends advise me and I implement the ones that work for me in my life and career.


There are times when I’ve felt like giving up but I’m not a quitter. Even if I want to dabble in other things, I can do them for a while and return to the industry. I am definitely seeing my career through to the end. If the pressure gets too much, I could just decide to take a break and resurface after some time.


The improvement I would love to see in Nollywood is funding from government.  The government needs to do more. We also need more solid (online) platforms buying our content. Lastly, there should be better pay for the cast and crew in movie productions.


I interpret romantic roles the same way I do other roles. If I have chemistry with the actor, it makes it better on set. If I don’t, I act and make it seem like there is one. It’s all make-believe and I do it well, even if I say so myself.


My male colleagues are attractive but that doesn’t mean I have done anything about it. I don’t date my fellow entertainers.

The craziest thing I have ever done for love would be when I kept buying my love interest food, even when I hadn’t eaten. I eventually realised that he was in it for what he could get from me. Don’t cry for me though, I am smarter now.


I believe that a good husband would never ask me to leave what brings me joy, that I’m passionate about in order to save a marriage. God wouldn’t let me marry such an inconsiderate human.

My man has to have the fear of God, be enlightened, understanding, accommodating, respectful and generous.


I guess it’s true that the industry is a ‘dog eat dog’ world. I am sure there are exceptions though because there are actors who have been friends for a long time. Personally, I’m not good at making friends in Nollywood (and I know that has its advantages and disadvantages). I just respectfully do my job and go back to my house.


Half of my fan base is made up of men. I don’t brush them (those that want to get intimate) away rudely. I just make the insistent ones realise that I am only one person with one private part meant for only one person but I appreciate their affection.


I love to drink a little wine. Sometimes, I go to the cinemas and also read a lot of fiction. I love reading.


I dress simply, elegantly and gorgeously. It also depends on my mood. But the most important thing is that I always want to be comfortable.

I also like experimenting with fashion. I can be adventurous, so I’m not sure there is anything I wouldn’t do in the name of fashion, except going nude.