“God will not do it for you, work with your hands to make money” – Reno Omokri addresses lazy Christians who don’t want to work

In a recent development, controversial Twitter personality Reno Omokri has issued a quick PSA to Christians in Nigeria.

Taking to the X platform, he revealed that a lot of Christians are mentally enslaved by churches. He also revealed that they need to stop going to churches that will make them physically lazy with ungodly platitudes and mind control propaganda.

He told them in his tweets that God had given everybody a head and two hands to work for themselves and that they needed to stop believing that God will do things for themselves when they can do it themselves. In his words, he had this to say,

“God will not do it for you. Stop going to that church that keeps making you mentally and physically lazy with such ungodly platitudes and mind control propaganda.

God gave you a head and two hands to do it yourself. If the person telling you such lies really believes his drivel, how come when his church needs money, he does fundraising? Why does he not wait for God to do it for the church or for him?

Listen, finance is an entirely different thing from faith. You can believe in God and still be poor, and you can not believe in God and be very wealthy.

Let me even put it to you that many people who are not religious believe God more than you. You only believe in God. You don’t believe God.

If you believe God, then you will work with your hands to make money. Why? Because that is what Yeshua (Jesus Christ) said you should do until He returns-Luke 19:13.

Scripture says God already gave you the power to create wealth:

“And you shall remember the LORD your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth.”-Deuteronomy 8:18.


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