God is Alive-Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale

The Ghanaian “Dancehall King” is back again with his brand-new track Shatta Wale – God Is Alive. The deep song is sincere praise to the Lord coming from the singer. The track is totally different from other works by the artist you have heard before.

The musician continue to bring joy to his fans. Only a week has passed since the released of his Miami Heights, and he introduced another banger.

On 21st May 2019, the singer announced the released of God is alive by creating a post on Instagram saying: Whatever may come my way, I will never forget the good Lord and what He has done for me…. I will still praise him.

These words perfectly described the meaning of the track and it’s purpose. Apart from the deep and enticing lyrics, the song has a memorable tune and a very interesting rhythm. Overall, the record is outstanding.

If God says yes… Shatta your kingdom will flourish till the end of the world-@Thunder TV.

God of Ghana music industry. — @Paul Philip’s

Best track at the moment. Shatta Wale is a national asset. — @Agyemang Dennis Kwabena