God instructed me to save Nigerians from poverty – Williams Uchemba says

Popular Nigeria actor, comedian, and philanthropist Williams Uchemba has disclosed the instructions he was given by God a few years ago.

According to Williams, God instructed him to save the people of Nigeria from poverty. He recounted how God gave him that instruction when he was spending some holidays in Califonia. Willaims disclosed that he initially disobeyed the voice but he did not think it was God’s voice until the voice was constant for weeks.

Williams disclosed how he started his philanthropic works in Los Angeles by donating to kids on the streets begging. He added that it was a difficult decision to come back to Nigeria to help people in the slum and needed but he had to obey the voice of God.

“A few years ago, I was laying in my bed in California when I got an instruction, very clear and sound instruction from God to go to Nigeria and free people from poverty, at first I acted like I didn’t hear because in my head God can’t tell me to leave the beautiful life he has given me and the little savings I have to enter the slums in Nigeria and help strangers I don’t even know.”

“One might ask how does God even talk to people? well, one of the ways you know is God/Holy Spirit talking is he tells you what you know you can never tell yourself and what your flesh will not be comfortable with.”

Some of the photos he shared below…

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