Go To Club Quilox To Get A Girl With Big Yansh – Etinosa Idemudia Advises Zlatan


Most men especially the black ones drool over curvy women. They usually stop reasoning and begin to do so with their ‘third leg’ whenever a lady with a massive behind is spotted. At this point, guys don’t usually care even if they are with their partners or even children. In fact, Desmond Morris’s 1967 book The N*ked Ape makes it clear that the appeal of a curvy backside goes back to a time in our evolutionary history before face-to-face sex became standard — back when our female ancestors’ sexual signaling was optimized for rear mounting (i.e., doggy style). Guys who like b*tt so much because they believe that’s what our ancestors were looking at as they approached their mates for s*xy-times.

Anyway, Zlatan Ibile shared a post on his Instagram page asking his followers, “#QUILOX OR #DNA Where i fit see girl with BIG YANSH CARRY THIS NIGHT ?”

It was then the Nigerian actress who let off cigarette ash on The Holy Bible replied the s*x-crazed rapper, “Definitely Quilox”.