Girl raped by ISIS ‘burned her own face off so she was too ugly to be raped again


A doctor revealed how a young girl who was repeatedly raped by sick ISIS soldiers burned off her own face so she wouldn’t be captured again.

A German doctor who set up a project to bring victims to Europe for therapy revealed how one of the young girls he met in a refugee camp last August set herself on fire after having a nightmare she has been recaptured.

Mr Kizilhan said:

“She had no nose, no ears left.”The young girl had escaped ISIS with her sisters, after they were taken to be repeatedly raped and tortured.She woke up in a panic one night and poured gasoline over herself.
She lit a match, hoping the burns would make her so ugly that she wouldn’t be raped again.
The young girl then worried she wouldn’t survive and put out the flames quickly.

She is now in hospital in Germany after more than a dozen operations, but she will still need another 30 skin and bone surgeries.Another eight-year-old girl was repeatedly raped hundreds of times by evil soldiers, after she was sold as a sex slave.Mr Kizilhan added:
“ISIS sold her eight times during the 10 months she was held hostage, and raped her hundreds of times.”This is one of the cases I always have in my mind.”

UK Mirror


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