Girl delivers news in fluent Igbo, wows audience with complex proverbs

A little girl has gone viral online after delivering news in fluent Igbo, impressing her audience with her skillful use of complex proverbs.

In a video that was shared on social media, the little girl, Almighty Bibi climbed the podium and commenced delivering her news in Igbo as though she were a professional.

She spiced her speech with plentiful of complex proverbs that impressed many of her listeners.

In her news delivery, she made mention of the current state of things in Nigeria, remarking on the high costs of things that rendering some homes hungry.

She urged the president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu to come to the aide of the masses and remedy the situation of the country so homes can be able to afford consumables like rice, meat and others.

Check out reactions that followed …
@commyzin said: “Omo do more of her videos. Pls she must trend.”

@mightyezzy said: “Incoming radio or TV presenter.”

@emmanuelemeka6280 “Oboy they never born me well make I read Igbo like this.”

@makynice said: “Nice one, even the children don notice Tinubu leadership.”

@user85715702055 said: “I finally found someone who reads Igbo like me…my favorite language.”

@user9815054473007 said: “Ada Igbo God bless you.”

@Anthony said: “Jesus Christ! this girl good kudos.”

Watch video below …


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♬ original sound – Almighty BiBi

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