Gifty reacts to Regina Daniel’s marriage

GIfty, Regina and her husband

Gifty Power’s, a former house mate of Big Brother Naija, recently weighed in on Regina    Daniel’s marriage to billionaire businessman named Ned Nwoko. The beautiful mother of one praised her for paying the huge sacrifice and becoming the ‘white sheep’ of her family.

This very pleasant reaction doled out by Gifty Power’s is coming in the midst of the several scandals generated by the teen actress’ marriage to an older man. In spite of the disapproving comment coming from many Nigerians, Gifty has decided to see the whole event from a positive angle.

In this regard, she praised Regina Daniel’s for being brave and determine. According to Gifty, the actress has proven herself to be a leader willing to make a huge sacrifice for her family.

Gifty also revealed that she has been in the actress position in the past so she understand how it must feel. The former BB Naija also consoled Regina with the popular saying that age is nothing but  number.


She  also revealed the implications of Regina Daniel’s marriage induction ritual Even more, Gifty praised Regina Daniel’s mom and clearly stated that the older woman was doing what was best for her daughter.