Ghanaians are villagers – Mr Logic


Entertainment pundit Mr. Logic has expressed his displeasure at Ghanaians for their inability to acknowledge and support great musical talents.

This issue has been a headache for many people as they believe people who come out with “noisy and useless” songs are given great recognition much to the detriment of those who churn out soulful and sensible songs.

Mr. Logic didn’t mince words and he called Ghanaians outright villagers for this behavior.

“Firing” during a discussion on Hitz FM which was monitored , he said “Ghanaians are villagers because we don’t appreciate people who do good music”.

The artiste manager speaking to Andy Dosty, host of the entertainment morning show also called out radio presenters for their failure to propagate positive achievements artistes make the same way they propagate the negatives.

According to him, singer YaaYaa’s inability to “blow” like other female artistes despite her great talent is a clear indication of this annoying trend.

He said, “it hurts that after soo many years of knowing her, Yaa Yaa and with all the great things that she has accomplished she still hasn’t won best female vocalist”.

Mr. Logic believes people do not appreciate good music because they cannot mess around with it