Gary Neville has asked for the Premier League to give English football £500milliom bailout


Gary Neville has called for the Premier League to give English football a £500million bailout to save the game form a Coronavirus crunch carnage . Gary Hoffman is expected to be named as the top flight new chairman later today .

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And Neville wants the Premier league to take out loan to ensure the security of the whole game in this country in the midst of the current COVID-19 crisis .

Former England and Manchester United star Neville now co- owner of the league Two Salford said : “ I said four weeks ago the premier league had an opportunity to do the right thing by propping the game up .

“I mentioned they should borrow £1million , it was a number I said flippantly against future income sources .

The future revenues of the premier league are tens of billions of pounds , even more of then want to be tens their TV contract .