Gary Neville claims Arsenal are ‘bottling’ the Premier League title race after dropping six points in their last three games

Manchester United legend, Gary Neville has claimed that Arsenal have ‘bottled’ the Premier League title race after slipping to three consecutive draws while challengers Manchester City have won six on a row. 


The former Manchester United defender took to Twitter to tell his followers that Arsenal have made ‘simple errors’ and looked ‘leggy’ in their most recent league outings. 


Although, Neville believes there is still time to turn things around when they play against Man City on Wednesday night. 


‘Bottling it is a very negative phrase to level at anyone or any team so can understand why so many stay clear of using it,’ Neville tweeted in response to an article claiming Arsenal have not bottled the title race.


‘However, too much emotion and hurrying things are signs it’s happening. Along with looking leggy, being tense in your play and making simple errors fit the description of bottling it. 


‘Their is something else that can happen on this run in. If you “bottle” it early enough (Arsenal have) you can catch it and snap out of it by telling yourself “what are we worrying about and we’ve nothing to lose now.”


‘That’s the energy they need to take into City Wednesday. Everyone thinks we’ve gone, we’re underdogs now so let’s go for it! 


‘I love watching title run ins as these emotions swing back and forth.’ 

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