Funke Akindele- The Genesis of my struggle and my first movie


There’s always a story to be told about an individual, whether it is good or bad, whether the story is true or false.

Not many people really know how and when Funke Akindele (AkA-Janifer diary) began her movie career, that’s true, well, depending on when you’re born and when you begins to hear about her.

The fact remains that the journey did not start today, e don teee.
Funke Akindele began her career in the early 90s and funny enough, she did not really begin by staring in Yoruba movies, no!

She began her career under the tutelage of Chico Ejiro who was the only director widely known at the time.
Funke Akindele was featured in her first movie where she played the role of a hunter in a movie called Egg of life .

Watch the  first movie she acted as at then and see how small she was then