Funke Akindele shall rise again – Azuh Arinze


Veteran journalist and author, Azuh Arinze has written a piece about embattled Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele.

This is coming after the “Jenifa’s diary producer” was arrested, arraigned and prosecuted for holding a party in her Amen Estate home, breaking the total lock down rule.

In his write up, Azuh noted that Funke grew up in his arms and predicted that she will rise again, as he described her as a fighter.

Read the complete piece below…

Even without being told , I know that one of the ‘scenes’ that must have been playing non-stop in actress Funke Akindele’s mind is the birthday-party-gone-awry of Sunday, April 5, 2020, at Amen Estate, in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos.
And sincerely, my heart goes out to her. Not necessarily because of how high the Almighty has lifted her, but because she literally grew in my arms.
Many, many years ago, when I was still ruffling feathers in Nollywood, her mother, Dr. R. B Adebanjo and a very good woman, brought her to me in Encomium Weekly and handed her over to me.
A very hardworking girl, Funke used to resume and close sometimes with me. In fact, she visited a couple of times with her elder sister, Bunmi, who incidentally shares the same birthday with me. I think their mother even organized one birthday party for us back then. But I digress.
With our infinitesimal support, but majorly by Funke’s humongous drive and push, and coupled with God’s grace, she has today become one of our biggest stars.

Ever loyal and humble, the last time both of us flew to London she insisted on assisting me with my hand luggage. The Jenifa star also consented to an interview aboard the aircraft (You can enjoy what we discussed in my new book, Success Is Not Served A La Carte). As she wades through these difficult times – the arrest, conviction, job loss, name calling, emotional turmoil and co – I need her to know that this too shall pass. Also, like Robert Schuller said, tough times don’t last, but tough people do.
Yes, she made a mistake, has shown remorse and has also been punished. What is ,however, remaining now is for her to assimilate and imbibe the lessons and then move on.
Personally, I want to predict that Funke Akindele shall rise again, bigger and better. And on a final note, I need her to equally know that a greater life awaits her in spite of the moment. So, whatever she may have planned for this season, let go and be of good cheer – because that’s the only way to receive what is coming.