Former England rugby star Brian Moore learns he is half Chinese at his mother’s funeral


Former England rugby player and presenter, Brian Moore, has discovered he is half Chinese after meeting some of his relatives for the first time at his birth mother’s funeral.

The 58-year-old, who was adopted shortly after birth had previously written in his autobiography about being abandoned by his Malaysian father before his mother, Rina Kirk, gave him up for adoption.

But after attending his birth mother’s funeral, where he met some of his relatives for the first time, Brian took to Twitter to reveal that his birth father was actually from China and not Malaysia.

He wrote on Twitter: ‘Went to my birth mother’s funeral yesterday. Strange feeling meeting my brother and sister and a whole set of blood relatives I never knew about. Turns out I’m half Chinese, not Malaysian and birth grandfather was a steelworker in Rotherham.’

Moore, who won 64 caps for England and now works as a solicitor was born in Birmingham. He was adopted by Ralph and Dorothy Moore at seven months old.