Former baggage claim worker now vice-president of largest Black-Owned private airline

Sherrxicia "Rexy" Rolle

At age 12, Sherrxicia ‘Rexy’ Rolle, started working with her father, Captain Rex Rolle, a professional pilot and her mother, Shandrice Rolle, an entrepreneur to build their family airline.

Despite being the daughter of the owners of Western Air Limited, one of the most successful Black-owned airlines in the world, Sherrxicia ‘Rexy’ Rolle, did not want to just watch it grow.

According to, at that early age, she got involved by helping out with baggage claim and currently, she is the company’s vice president of operations and general counsel.

Sherrxicia’s parents equipped her at an early age with the necessary work ethics when she started working as a baggage handler after school until she was given the opportunity to observe airplane inspections.

She later developed an interest in areas where the airline can work on to advance and not long after she completed college, she went back to tackle the issues and found a solution.

Sherrxicia ‘Rexy’ Rolle, discovered the lack of gender diversity in aviation after she observed that most of the executive position are mostly dominated by men while most of the women are often regarded as not qualified for the top jobs.

She was inspired to work harder to break the glass ceiling in the airline industry.

Before she even reached the age of 30, she was already overseeing the expansion of the family’s airline and making waves internationally.

Currently, Rexy, who is now also a business and aviation lawyer is the one to be credited on the recent feat of Western Air Limited as the largest Black privately-owned airline in the world.