“Forever 16? You’re already looking 36” fan blasts Regina Daniels


Nigerians won’t let Regina Daniels to rest. I feel like people are still mad at her for marrying Ned.

Regina Daniels is a nollywood actress that started out as a little girl. Everyone loved her.

She rose to a big star before she even turned 18 making her the most successful teenage actress in Nollywood. But what we didn’t see coming was her marriage.

Regina likes to address herself as “sixteen” even though she’s well above that. I can chose to call myself “twenty” if I want. Welcome to the world of entertainment where your business is everybody’s business. You can’t get away with anything.

Regina is actually pregnant. We have to admit her body and face is changing. That sixteen feel is fast fading away. She shared this photo wearing her “forever 16” necklace

Look what fans had to say below;