Flying cars are coming in few years – Doroni Aerospace CEO

Doron Merdinger, CEO of Doroni Aerospace Inc. has said that his company might be releasing flying cars in the next two years as they are already testing its flagship project in Florida.

Their vehicle is aptly named the Doroni H1, a 2-seater that can travel a couple hundred feet off the ground with the use of joysticks and not a steering wheel. The futuristic whip can come in handy in a bunch of ways, according to Doron.


Doron also said that he and his crew are doing everything possible to ensure the car is worth whatever price tag placed on it. 


This is coming after President Joe Biden asked for a $27.2B budget for NASA last week, with some of the funds to be used to test flying cars. Doron’s company is one of the many working with NASA towards a future in the skies.

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