Fleeing suspect reveals why 16 soldiers were attacked and killed in Delta community

A video making round the media shows a young man claiming to be one of the killers of those 16 soldiers attacked in Okwuma community in Delta State.

Tontrends reports that the attack happened during a peacekeeping mission following a clash between Okuama and Okoloba communities in Delta State.

The young man, who did not mention his name in a viral video, said two warring communities had a land dispute which led to a crisis.

The man however blamed the government and leaders for not calling both communities for a peaceful resolution.

“This is the last video I will make over the fight between Okuama community and Okoloba community.

“The Ijaw people from Okuama community used army to carry three people from Okoloba community and killed them. The three people were all slaughtered.

“The Federal Government gave some people power to do [oil] bunkering and after doing the bunkering, the army followed and guide them to sell the product. They betrayed their brothers and their own blood,” the man said.

He also alleged that the man in charge of the bunkering used the soldiers to take away three persons from his community before killing them.

“The 16 soldiers were killed when they came to take away our community leaders and the youths knew that when they take them (the community leaders) away, they will be powerless. That was the reason the 16 soldiers were attacked.

“My father was a retired army officer who died last year. I have lost six of my people to the fight between Okuama community and Okoloba community. The Federal Government can declare me wanted after making this video,” he added.

Since the tragic incident, three persons have been arrested in connection with the killings of the 16 soldiers and taken to the military headquarters Abuja while more efforts were ongoing to capture the perpetrators of the crime.

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