Five flawless looks for Muslim sisters during the holy Month of Ramadan- See photos


Muslims all over the world are observing the month of Ramadan. The month in which Muslims are to fast and pray to Allah, this does not mean Muslims do not pray during the rest of the year, it just means this month is a special one for many Muslims.

The long stretch of Ramadan is known as the sacred month, the period of the Quran, the period of absolution, the long stretch of kindness, etc. Islamic loyal is relied upon to live with a perfect heart this month, which means avoiding everything wicked and appeal to Allah, and they are required to keep on living that route even after Ramadan, as the month should instruct and get ready Muslims to improve their lives.

With regards to design, Muslim ladies are required to dress in explicit ways, arms secured, hair secured, rear secured and no noteworthy of skin in any capacity.

To help Muslim sisters look fashionable and still follow the Islamic way during this holy month. TON Trends has put together a list of photos of Muslim fashionistas.

1) Office look: There are several ways Muslim sisters can dress to the office during the month of Ramadan and still look fashionable. For example, wearing that covers up all the necessary areas is good for Muslim sisters to look good in and prayer with.

2) Business and chic:

3) Hangout:

(4) Impromptu event: Muslim sisters can follow this chic way of dressing for impromptu events to look presentable fashionably for casual outings.

5) Friday outfit: Fridays are for Jumat prayers so it is advisable for Muslim sisters to dress in ways that would still look good for work and Jumat prayers.