Fitness model who was left with “rippling” boobs finally gotten her dream breasts ( photos)

A fitness model who was left with “rippling” boobs after she mistakenly hired a dentist and another unlicensed surgeon to do boob job has finally gotten her dream breasts.

Tia, from Texas, had wanted larger boobs since she was 18-years-old because she believed that women with bigger breasts get more modeling jobs.

Her first two attempts at getting her boobs bigger ended up in disappointment, while one of the failed augmentations left her breasts rippled.

Tia, who has now gotten her dream breasts appeared on E!’s show Botched where she spoke about her ordeal.

Tia told Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow that another model referred her to a man who she believed to be a doctor. However, it was later turned out that he was actually a dentist.

She said the dentist told her that he could take her up to a C/D cup with implants.

A year after the surgery, she returned to the dentist because she wanted her breasts larger and closer together.

Dr. Dubrow said: “Going larger never makes breasts look closer together, all it does is make them look bigger.

“Until plastic surgeons figure that out we’re going to see a lot of big-breasted girls who are very far apart.”

Tia then went to another doctor but didn’t realise that he wasn’t licensed to perform surgery.

She explained: “I found this guy, after doing some research and I told him ‘I’m okay with the size, I just want them closer’.”

According to Tia, she woke up from surgery she discovered the doctor had used 1000cc implants rather than 500cc. She also said that her boobs looked “ugly”.

“I start getting rippling and the implants did backflips inside my boobs.”

The implant had been removed from behind the muscle and replaced in front of the muscle, according to Dr. Dubrow.

Tia said the surgeon had explained that the pocket behind her muscle wasn’t large enough for the implant.
She added that her nipples became displaced and she was “too embarrassed to leave the house.”

Tia suffered with the implants for 16 years before seeing the Botched doctors.

Dr. Dubrow explained on the show how the team would try to fix her breasts after he confirmed the breast had been damaged by the surgery.

He said they would have to first do an unpleasant procedure and “puncture” her current implants to allow her breasts to deflate before inserting new ones.

During the surgery, they discovered that the second doctor had used knock-off implants. They also found a tiny plastic sticker denoting the CC amount inside Tia’s chest.

At a second surgery, the doctor inflated Tia’s breasts with air to estimate the correct implant size to use, before he then completed the breast augmentation with implants.

The show ended with Tia showing off her new breasts to her friends in a sexy, curve-baring dress.

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