Fish stuck in boy’s nose, removed alive


In a shocking incident, a fish has been removed alive from the nostril of a boy after a 3-hour-long surgery by doctors.

Interestingly, the fish was alive until it was removed. The fish entered when the boy was taking his bath in a farm well. The strange incident took place in the Pudukkottai district in Tamil Nadu., India.
According to sources, S Arul Kumar (12) of Mannavelampatti near Annavasal in Pudukkottai went for a bath along with his friends in a farm well near his house last Tuesday evening. Arul then sensed that something had entered his nose, and soon developed severe pain.

After a three-hour-long ‘operation’ the doctor removed a live ‘tilapia’ fish from the boy’s nose, but it died soon after. The doctor observed that the trapped fish could have even caused a threat to Arul’s life.

The boy after an hour’s medical observation was sent back home.