Fireboy is still a Stranger despite currently having the Biggest Album in Nigeria – Oyemykke


Oyemykke is quite a popular individual on Social Media as he is know for his blunt and outspoken views on various matters concerning the Nigerian society.

The latest recipient of his anger rants is none other than YBNL act Fireboy.

Fireboy recently released his album under the YBNL Record Label and his album charts seem to be doing pretty fine.

However, this isn’t sufficient for Oyemykke as he said in a recent video that Fireboy is arguably one of the best Nigerian music act at the moment and also that his album is currently the biggest in Nigeria. Yet, to Oyemykke’s disappointment, Fireboy’s music is more popular than his face. He addressed the issue of his face not being visible in his music videos as well as the fact that his hairstyle is similar to that of about 5 other artists.

He encourages Fireboy to find a way to differentiate himself from the others as his talent was unique. He even said that it was because the hairstyle had become too common that Zlatan had to go Dye his.

He said he would have addressed the issue in a personal letter to Baddosneh and Fireboy but he didn’t know to go about it without getting on their nerves.