Fingers crossed as Nigerians anticipate another presidential address


Since she onset of the Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari has dedicated time to relay important information to Nigerians every fortnight.

Nigerians will never forget the particular broadcast in which the President ordered the total lockdown of Ogun, Abuja and Lagos states.

Although the lockdown has been partially lifted in these states, residents still sleep with fear in their hearts as the lockdown might be revisited upon them if President Buhari is advised to do so.

Residents in some states are beginning to restock their homes in the case that the total lockdown is reinstated and markets are forced to close down. It is important to always take proactive measures in the face of uncertainties.

As the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases rise profusely, Nigerians anticipate the content of Buhari’s next broadcast in suspense. The date and time of the next broadcast is still unknown at the moment but would be communicated to Nigerians in due time.