Few weeks after railway ticket office worker’s death, husband reacts


Weeks after railway ticket office worker, Belly Mujinga, died from Coronavirus after being spat on by a thug while on duty, her heartbroken husband reacts, says his world and that of their 11-year-old daughter have been destroyed.

Speaking with The Sun after police interviewed and then released a 57-year-old man following the spitting incident on March 21, Lusamba Katalay originally from Congo revealed how losing Belly Mujinga, 47, has broken his family.

The last time he saw his wife in person was when an ambulance took her from their flat in Hendon, north London. She died two days later at Barnet Hospital.

‘I don’t know how I’d react if I saw the man who did this,’ he said. ‘I’m normally reasonable but I’m so devastated right now I might lose it and attack him, I just don’t know. And my anger won’t bring her back.’

Mr. Katalay, 60, says his wife, a former BBC journalist, pleaded with him from her hospital bed not to let their daughter Ingrid see her as they spoke during their final video call.

‘She told me that she didn’t want Ingrid to see her like that,’ he said. ‘She said, ‘Pray for me’.

‘The next morning I got the call saying she’d died. She was our whole world. She’d do anything for anyone.’

Husband of train worker who died from COVID-19 after being spat on, says her death has destroyed his world

Mr. Katalay welcomed Home Secretary Priti Patel’s pledge to double the maximum common assault jail sentence to 12 months for offenders who spit at key workers but want a stricter prison term

He also demanded an explanation from the Government as to why his late wife had not been given PPE, saying the lack of protective gear also put him and his daughter in ‘mortal danger’.

A spokesman for British Transport Police said on Saturday: ‘A 57-year-old man from London was interviewed under caution last Sunday at a London police station.

‘Detectives are investigating. They’re not looking to identify anyone else.’