Few reasons why young couples breakup after few months of living together


Do you know that you can actually love someone but can’t live with them?, that’s what most people don’t understand. In this article, we’d talk about why young couples breakup just few months after marriage.

Living together with someone means you’d see their actual home life and not the life they display outside so if you can’t deal with their home lives then breaking up is inevitable.

When you date before marriage, you only see your partner during the weekend and you don’t have much to see, you don’t know how it’s like to live with them because they’d be very sweet to you and treat you like a queen.

You haven’t lived together before to see how neat and tidy the person is. You only go during the weekends when invited and can’t even catch the person unaware to see their true life.

When you now live together, you find it difficult to cope with their lifestyle because that’s not the person you actually fell for was just a package and has a different home life. This is one of the reasons young couples breakup immediately after marriage.

Another reason is the lack of understanding. Now you’re married, you’re now in the shoes of your mother when you were young. Couples breakup due to lack of understanding and quarrels. When you can’t agree on something and fail to understand each other, you end up breaking up.

Another reason young couples split is lack of patience. Marriage requires patience and no marriage is perfect.

Every marriage has a little fault and it can only be fixed with patience. You can’t expect your marriage to workout if you don’t have patience.

Most young couples expect their partners to be sweet and lovely just like their early dating days but it just can’t be that way because there’s a big difference between single and married. If you can’t live with someone then you’d have to move out, that just the simple reason why young couples breakup.