Femi Otedola’s generosity

Femi Otedola

Without a doubt, if the history of biggest philanthropists in Africa were to be documented, Femi Otedola, the Chairman and Chief Executive of Gerugu Power, would definitely gain prominence.

Being a cheerful giving, without a blink, is second nature to him. Whilst he would rather do this without making a song and a dance of it. He does not court media attention needlessly. Yet, almost every move he makes, either in his business or private life, has never escaped the attention of newshounds.

He is a delight to professional journalists and biographers. If you choose to write about his uncommon feats as a businessman, you will come up with volumes of work that will most likely intimidate a bibliophile. In the same way, if you choose to document his philanthropic acts, in black and white, your hand may grow tired.

Femi Otedola

The benevolent billionaire has over the years showed that the uplift of humanity is paramount to him. He has yet again taken up the medical expenses of the famous reggae icon and self acclaimed rainmaker, Majek Fashek, who is terribly sick and stranded in the United Kingdom.

Confirming the story and sounding the alarm of the critical health state of the ‘Rainmaker’, who is receiving treatment in a London hospital, his manager, Uzoma Day Omenka, painted a pathetic picture of the dire situation the musician was in until the intervention.

Thankfully, the debonair billionaire is taking care of the hospital bill fully and this has thrown Nigerians across the world into fits of joy and hope.

The shrewd businessman is regarded an angel of hope to many and a God-sent to his compatriots who have been visited by the vicissitude and lassitude of life. To say he is generous with his God-given wealth is to put it mildly.