Femi Otedola’s daughter reveals what the family goes through taking care of his autistic son

Femi Otedola

Temi Otedola, daughter of Nigerian billionaire, has shared some interesting news about her family while creating awareness on autism. Some of the deep information she revealed was to celebrate the World Autism Awareness Day.

Fewa Otedola, the autistic child of Nigerian billionaire.

The pretty lady did not only join in the campaign, she used her family as an example while reaching out to people who have little or no idea about autism. As it appears, the young lady took to her blog to share her personal journey with the world using Fewa, her brother, as a case study.

Femi Otedola’s third child touched many lives with her personal story:

“In 2004, my mum called my sisters and me into her bedroom. With the composure only a mother can have, she told us that our baby brother, Fewa, had ‘special needs’.

While my sisters asked questions, all I could do was think about what this would mean for me, the already overindulged, youngest of three girls. Thankfully, my selfishness quickly wore off and Fewa quickly became the centre of our family. The role of an older sister always entails some sort of responsibility.

However, the role of an older sister to an autistic sibling is a great deal more work. At first, it seemed like every day with him was a challenge, especially for my mother. I remember seeing my mum helping Fewa with simple tasks like brushing his teeth, helping him to get dressed, or feeding him lunch, with each day ultimately ending in exhaustion.

Our family has been so blessed to have help from carers, but no one can deny the resilience my mother has had raising Fewa. It is the thing I most respect about her.”

The daughter of the chairman of Forte Oil Plc revealed how she coped with a brother like Fewa over time. She came to see him as an independent person. She revealed that he does not need anyone’s sympathy as he is the most genuine and caring person she knows.

Sensing that the society may see her as being unrealistic, she was quick to shed more light on the matter.

“I am not naïve or unrealistic. I certainly have some gnawing worries about the future. Fewa will always need support of some kind. At age sixteen he still requires 24 hour help.

I would say that the biggest misconception about autism is that people who have it are socially inept geniuses – Rainman, anyone? Yes, that is true for some autistic people, but there is a reason the official term is “autism spectrum disorder”.

It is a spectrum, and it can range from children who are not able to speak at all to children who can go to normal schools. ”

Temi revealed that she has to build her life around her brother, Fewa. Having thought about the fact that her parents would not be around forever prompted her to brazen up and face the reality. He is most likely to become the responsibility of her and her sisters.