Femi Otedola-The Fight to Control and Eradicate covid-19 is in Our Hands


The Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola has recently said that the fight to control this deadly Coronavirus which have posed a big threat to the world is in our hands.

The billionaire who happens to be the father of the popular female Nigerian DJ, DJ Cuppy said this on his Instagram page few minutes ago.

He posted a news video which was talking about the COVID-19 on his Instagram page and he said that few of them have decided to support rhe government in other to help them contain COVID-19.

Femi Otedola has a lot of money so he is capable of helping the government.

On his post,he wrote, “The fight to control and eradicate COVID-19 is in our hands.A few of us have decided to pull resources to support the government’s effort in building the needed capacity to flatten the curve”.

He concluded,”Stay home and stay safe”.This Coronavirus has really become a big problem to the world at large.

The disease has made most countries today to shutdown their economic and social activities thereby bringing a decrease in revenue.

The disease has become so serious that in some countries it is beyond the government.Most rich individuals now support their government in order to eradicate the disease.

Please let’s stay safe and pray for the world.