Femi Otedola explains entrepreneurship to man who queries his work hours


Nigerian billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola is currently trending on social media following his classy response to a follower who questioned why he always goes on vacation.

He recently shared a photo on his Instagram page, revealing he just began his 6-week summer vacation in London.

The goal of many people to become successful and wealthy enough to live the dream live which often involves living like a boss and employing others to do the work. For Nigerian billionaire, Femi Otedola, it is safe to say he is definitely living the dream life of many Nigerians out there. From wearing expensive designers to going on fancy vacations, he has got many people wishing for his life.

While many people complimented him and showered him with accolades in the usual manner that many fans do, a follower expressed curiosity about his work life. The follower asked: “Always on vacation sir do you even go to work?”

The billionaire businessman who is not known to get involved in social media banter, took out time to respond to the question. In his words: ” As an Entrepreneur, my role is to ensure that I hire a competent team to run my business affairs without my physical presence and of course one that outlives me. Mine is to nuture the team to maximize shareholder value.