Femi Fani Kayode describes the ministerial screening as ‘a pitiful joke’

The floor of Parliament

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has called out the Nigerian Senate for the process adopted at the just concluded ministerial screening.

He faulted the screening of some ministerial nominees by simply asking them to “take a bow and go” calling it “a display of comic relief.”

In a series of tweets, Fani-Kayode disclosed how he was screened for no less than two hours and thirty minutes by the Senate in 2006 when he was nominated by former President Obasanjo.

He wrote; ‘when I was nominated to be a Minister by OBJ 13 years ago in 2006 I was screened by the Senate for no less than two hours and thirty gruelling and very difficult minutes on live television. There is no question that they did not ask me and there is none that I did not answer.

In those days days the Senate had great men and powerful intellectuals in its ranks.What we see today in the name of Ministerial screening is a pitiful joke. “Smile,show your teeth,bow and go” is NOT screening: it is a crass display of comic relief which is far below the Senate’.