Female Prison Officer Jailed For Being Romantically Involved With a Dangerous Male Inmate


A prison officer who fell in love and had a fling with a “dangerous” inmate at Britain’s biggest men’s jail was locked up for twelve months on Tuesday.

Ayshea Gunn, 27, was sentenced to a year behind bars after numerous phone calls, some sexually explicit, were found between her and prisoner Khuram Razaq, 29.

Mr. Razaq was an inmate at Berwyn Prison, Wrexham, serving 12 years for conspiracy to rob.

Mold Crown Court heard that there were snaps of the pair kissing and hugging in Ms. Gunn’s bedroom and that she had smuggled in a pair of knickers for him inside her bra.

The prison officer, from Pant Glas, Wrexham, Wales admitted misconduct in public office between July and November last year.

Prosecuting barrister Simon Mills said Ms Gunn had been a probation officer at the 1,200 inmate prison since it opened in February 2017 – and had been trained in security awareness and corruption prevention.

She also had “conditioning” training – making officers aware of the risk of prisoners trying to compliment and later exploit them.

Mr Mills said the pair “weren’t being particularly subtle” about their inappropriate relationship.

Colleagues noticed Ms Gunn spent a lot of time with Mr Razaq and went in his cell for long periods.

The number of reports led to an internal investigation and his in-cell official phone was examined.

The prosecutor said Mr. Razaq had added the name of a woman purporting to be a Keeley Mason and by November had called her 913 times for many, many hours.

They were listened to and Ms. Gunn’s voice was recognized.

In the same month, Ms Gunn had sent her bank details to an associate of the inmate and £1,500 was paid into her account.

His mobile phone wasn’t found, but it was revealed Ms. Gunn had been using three phone numbers.

A total of 1,213 calls were identified between them from late August 2018 to the following November.

The pair would send each other explicit sexual videos and stream lewd live footage of themselves – and they even remained in touch after her arrest.

In one explicit video, Mr Razaq told the prison officer: “I can’t wait until next week. I am going to throw you on my bed.”

The court also heard that Ms Gunn sent screenshots to him of prison officers’ WhatsApp chats about prisoners including discussion about search tactics – which was deemed by the court as a “betrayal.”

Ms Gunn, a university graduate, also bought clothing for Razaq and placed a bet for him, having “fallen victim to compliments.”