Fearless Chika Ike catching fun in the middle of an ocean (Video/Photos)

What would most of our Nigerian celebrities do if there was nothing like catching fun in this world, especially those celebrities in the nollywood industry. I guess they would all move to another planet. Just joking. The popular actress Chika Ike is one of such actresses that cannot not live their lives without getting into one fun moment or the other

There is a reason why I called her fearless Chika Ike, like who goes into the middle of an ocean to catch fun. That could be risky and dangerous. Actress Chika Ike cared less about how big the ocean was, she was just catching her fun. As usual, nollywood celebrities don’t do this type of thing without sharing with their fans

Few hours ago, actress Chika Ike shared photos of herself, catching fun in the middle of an ocean. She seemed very happy as she sat in that boat taking photos in different styles. I know you can’t wait to see the photos. They are shown below

She even wrote on her caption and I quote “conquer your fears and live your best life”. This shows that she is fearless. She smiled all through in the photos. Nice photos I must say, and also very courageous. Not everyone would be able to sit in the middle of an ocean catching fun.

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