“Fear social media” – Very Dark Man reacts to a video of Pastor Odumeje ‘washing’ a woman’s plate (video)

The trending video of a man washing a woman’s plate that was alleged to be Pastor Odumeje has reached the desk of Very Dark Man.

Very Dark Man took to Instagram to address the issue, and he had a lot of things to say about the situation.

He said that someone had sent the video to him, with the caption that it was Pastor Odumeje ‘washing’ a woman’s plate.

Video below..

Very Dark Man went on to express his fear of social media, and how it is clear to spread false narratives. He said that the man in the video wasn’t Pastor Odumeje, and this is because he knows the lady and the man in the video.

On the matter of watching p********c videos, Very Dark Man said it is all in the past now, as he no longer watches such videos.

The controversial activist said that in the past, when he was into p*********c movies, he watched a lot of videos of the lady in the trending video. Also, the man in the video that looks like Pastor Odumeje had been frequenting the woman’s videos.

Very Dark Man said he didn’t come out to clear the air on Pastor Odumeje’s case because he was a fan. He said he did it because one day it may be him or any other celebrity.

In analyzing celebrities being mistaken for other people, Kemi Filani recalls that not too long ago, Enioluwa Adeoluwa was in such a fix.

A certain blog had posted a gay s*c video, in which one of the men looked like the Nigerian influencer, and it blew up immediately.

After a while, the video had to be taken down, and the blog made a public statement, apologist for the mix up.

Also, one of the men in the video who looked like Enioluwa released a video, affirming that he was indeed the one, and that people should stop attacking the Nigerian influencer.

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