Father begs three sons to contact him after they cut him off because he sued their mother after finding out they are not his biological children


The news of a man who found out his three sons are not his biological children after raising them for 21 years shocked the world after it went viral days ago. The devastated father has now begged the sons to contact him.

Businessman, Richard Mason, 55, revealed he was devastated when he was given the news that he had cystic fibrosis, an inherited disease that makes male sufferers unable to father children naturally. This came as a shock to him because he already had three sons with his ex-wife – twins Joel and Ed, 18, and their older brother Willem. But he had to accept that the three boys he had lovingly brought up as his own could not be his.

After discovering the shocking news, millionaire MoneySupermarket.com co-founder began a case against his ex-wife over the paternity of his sons. However, two of his sons told him that if he sued their mum, they would cut off contact with him. But Mr Mason went ahead to sue their mother and won £250,000. He said he had to sue because he felt his ‘world had fallen away’ due to the lie. But it cost him the children he loved.

Mr Mason on Good Morning Britain with his current wife

Mr Mason says he has not spoken with two of his three sons for the last three years and he went on air to plead with them to reconnect. Speaking on Good Morning Britain today, Mr Mason said when he found out the news that he would never have been able to impregnate a woman he felt like he had been ‘hit by a hammer’.

He cried:

It was like the world had just fallen away.

I had been told I had a terminal illness, then found out the boys weren’t mine. It has been very, very hard.

He was later asked if there was anything he would like to say to his two sons who are no longer in contact with their dad.

He added to them:

Boys I haven’t done anything wrong at all.

I love you, my doors always open, I’ve got the kettle waiting to go on, six pack of beer.

Just come round, you’ve got the biggest ever. Let’s have a cry, let’s just hug, let’s just get back to where we were before.

And just have a word with your mum, tell her to stop being so daft.

Mr Mason’s second wife, Emma, who was diagnosed with breast cancer just weeks after her husband’s diagnosis, added for the boys to get in touch so they can all spend some time together in the ‘years we have left’.

Mr Mason’s appearance on TV comes after one of his twin son’s, Joel, who he has not spoken to in three years, spoke to MailOnline

Joel Mason, 19

The 19-year-old said:

I’ve not fallen out with Mum over this. We’re all OK. She had just had an unhappy marriage and she wanted kids. And here we are. I never knew until a couple of years ago that Richard wasn’t my real dad.

Joel added that when they found out about Mr Mason’s diagnosis, Joel and twin brother Ed agreed to a DNA test. However, oldest brother Willem, who has also not spoken to Richard in years, refused to take a DNA test.

Ed Mason, 19

Joel added:

I haven’t been speaking to him for a number of years because of his behaviour.

He’s a very manipulative man, not the kind of person you want to be with. I started noticing this when I was 15. But he’s still my dad and I’m not going to look for my real one. I doubt he even knows we exist.

Willem Mason