Fast Rising Nigerian Transgender doll Jay Boogie Pays a Church a Visit


Upcoming Transgender doll Jay Boogie who’s now currently rising to fame and popularity after being compared by Nigerians that she’s more pretty and beautiful than Bobrisky AKA osheey baddest.

From a whopping twenty Seven thousand followers as at when I checked her page to a massive followers of Fifty nine point nine thousand followers, that’s is to show how fast and how much growth she has gotten to.

Society haven’t had a enough of this trans Queen yet with all the pepper and sauce Jay Boogie has been dishing out she decides to top it a notch by taking all her pepper and sauce to a church and guess what She was the topic. Slaying the Sunday with a beautiful floral split skirt and a long sleeve blouse top she matches it with a red high heal and a channel purse.

Now that’s slaying if you ask me and off course what did you expect from a religious country as Nigeria. The sermon definitely changed and all the preaching and casting was on her. How unlucky but she didn’t let it weigh her down as she took to her Instagram to post and I quote ” So I decided to visit the Church today!. And I turned the topic in church Nigeria people!!!.”